Knitted Narratives:
Bridging the gap between weaving and knitting through floats
This project aims to utilize knitting as a creative medium for visually expressing the narrative of my grandfather. Drawing inspiration from traditional weaving techniques, particularly the concept of floats, I adopt an alternative perspective to investigate their potential within the realm of knitting. Through a series of experiments and the creation of knit samples, I analyze their outcomes in relation to my objective. Employing an approach rooted in experimental design research, I focus on exploring the artistic technique of knitted floats and their capacity to generate textures with aesthetic appeal. A central focus of this exploration is the reimagination of knitted landscapes inspired by the polder, the low-lying land from which my grandfather originates. While floats commonly find application in weaving, the distinct tactile experience they evoke in knitting remains uncharted. Consequently, my intention is to bridge this gap by seeking methods to recreate the light and airy sensations characteristic of floats in weaving within the knitting technique. This study recognizes the vast untapped potential in the exploration of floats in knitting and aspires to contribute to the existing knowledge in this domain.
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