Whispering Shadows:
The Allure and Beauty of Memories
Memories are elusive, fleeting experiences beyond our control, often resurfacing in fragments with the original details fading into indistinct shadows. They possess a unique allure, always seeming more beautiful than reality itself, akin to scars of what once was, but no longer is.
In my following series of works, I delve into memories, particularly my own associations with specific places and objects. Through the physical recreation of these memories, I aim to preserve them indefinitely, grasping onto their essence and carrying them wherever life may lead. The act of documenting memories is a conscious effort to retain and cherish them. I am driven by a desire not to forget, and by capturing them in an art form, I secure their place in my heart. However, in this process, I intentionally alter certain elements, replacing them with shadows or different elements. By doing so, I fill the gaps with new impressions, creating an amalgamation of the existing memory and novel components. This metamorphosis allows room for new memories to flourish, transforming the series into a continual evolution of experiences.
Sofia Lilith, 2021
187 x 122 cm
fabric on MDF wood 
Picture taken by Django van Ardenne 
Gabriella, 2021     
55 x 45 cm     
Bleach on Denim   

Cordelia, 2021
55 x 45 cm
Acrylic and Riso print on canvas
Hache, 2021
55 x 45 cm
Bleach on Denim
Cecilia Audrey Cordelia #2, 2021
210 x 190 cm 200 x 175 cm
Denim &bleach and Denim on canvas
Untitled, 2021
Silkscreen on canvas, denim and embroidery 

Gabrielle Odette, 2021
40,2 x 31,8 cm
Fabric on MDF 
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