Boukje Kemper is a Dutch textile artist and designer currently based in Sweden. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from HKU in Utrecht, The Netherlands, before relocating to Sweden to pursue her MA in Textile Design at the Swedish School of Textiles, specializing in knitting.
Her artistic achievements include showcasing her work in the exhibition “Lef!” at The Mondriaan House museum in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, along with several other smaller exhibitions and gallery shows in her home country.
Boukje creates a recognizable visual language from memories and everyday occurrences, consistently built from various patterns. All of these patterns come together to produce a strong visual identity that is reminiscent of the artist. Additionally, her use of recutting textile techniques, such as floats, infuses her work with a profound sense of intimacy, unveiling the memories that underpin Kemper’s work. Drawing inspiration from traditional weaving techniques, particularly the concept of floats, Kemper adopts an alternative perspective to investigate their potential within the realm of knitting.