Boukje   Kemper
Boukje Kemper, 1998
From childhood memories and everyday occurrences, Boukje Kemper produces a recognizable visual language, consistently built from various patterns. Wether referring to the checkered surfaces of the cloths she often uses both in themselves and as painted surfaces, or to the recurring visual elements such as ice cream cones, cherries, and flowers that appear often from work to work, altogether these patterns shape a strong visual identity reminiscent of the artist. 
As she explores and follows her own urges, desires, and instincts, Kemper is not shy of attempting new and unorthodox ways of creating paintings. Approaching them as collages or patchwork at times, or giving them literal depth by laser-cutting elements out of them at others, her works challenge the very fabric of painting. At the same time, however, the recurring elements of textile handiwork, such as sewing and embroidery, give her work a more intimate touch, revealing some of the memories that lay at the base of Kemper’s paintings. 
- Menno Vuister

BA, Fine Art, HKU, Utrecht 2017-2021
MA, Textile Design, University of Borås, The Swedish School of Textiles, Borås 2022 - 2024


2022 June 24 - July 9 - Lift Off - AG, Utrecht - curated by Menno Vuister

2022 February 26 - June 19 - LEF! - Mondriaanhuis, Amersfoort

2021/2022 December - February - Here Are We Now#2 - ARWE Gallery, Gouda
2021/2021 June - July - Offline Graduation Show - Pastoe Factory, Utrecht - curated by Lieven Hendriks                                              and Andrew March
2020 January - It's My Turn - Kunstuitleen, Utrecht - curated by Vincent van Velsen
2019 May - Wodka Soup - The First Time Always Hurts - LOU, Utrecht 

Other Activities
2022-2022 - Golfbreker Radio Interview 
2021-2021   - Rizoom Instagram Graduation Take Over
2020-2020 - Intership RUIS, Nijmegen 
2020-2020 - Dear artwork, Tell (a) Tale - RUIS, Nijmegen
2017-2017 - Finalist Kunstbende EXPO - Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam